10 Ideas For Retirement Wishes Card

Retirement Wishes Card

Retirement is a major life event and a serious milestone in people’s lives. Before sending that retirement wish card, consider the reason for retiring. Is the retiree retiring by choice or due to circumstances like mandatory age limits or even health issues? You sign different kinds of cards for each situation. To make the process easier, we’ve put together 10 ideas for retirement wishes card.


A simple congratulatory note goes a long way to show someone’s worth.You may write a simple congratulatory note when the card says a lot already or the card is for someone you relate with on an official level. Examples include:

  • Congratulations on reaching this stage of your career;
  • Celebrating you today on years of standout career;
  • Cheers to the new retiree. It’s an honor celebrating with you.

If your card says “congratulations” already, you can just add short wishes like: “Cheers to you”, “Happy for you”.

Retirement Humor

When your card is for someone close who’s retiring by choice, you may decide to add a little bit of humor along with your wishes. Note that the humor should have the intent of laughing with the retiree, not at the retiree. Examples include:

  • Don’t make your next chapter boring, okay? Catch some fun;
  • Now’s the time for that vacation you’ve left unattended. Should I come with you?
Ideas for retirement wishes card
Ideas for retirement wishes card

Take It Easy

When you know how diligent the retiree has been, you may decide to remind them to take the chance to relax, enjoy and maybe pursue their passion. Examples include:

  • Your diligence has been unmatched. Now’s the time to take it easy;
  • You finally have your ‘someday’; go pursue that passion;
  • Now is the time to relax and enjoy the things you love.


For retirees who have dedicated a huge part of their lives to their careers or for those who genuinely loved their career, you may want to put an emphasis on their contributions and legacies. Examples include:

  • I show my utmost appreciation for 10 years of unfaltered services;
  • Your contribution stays unmatched. Cheers to an inspiring career!;
  • You’ve made a positive mark on everyone’s life. We appreciate you.

Words like dedicated, committed, diligent, inspiring, incomparable, invaluable, irreplaceable are great words to depict your appreciation.

New Chapters

For some retirees, retiring is just the beginning of another chapter. There are ways you send your message across to them. Sending a future-centered note will prove encouraging for retirees with a clear plan for the future and for those who are still assessing their options. Examples include:

  • To the fun that awaits you. Congratulations!;
  • Here’s to the adventure that’s your future, Cheers!;
  • To the start of a new chapter, Congrats!
What to write in retirement wishes card
What to write in retirement wishes card

Miss You

For a close retiree or one you’re used to seeing, you may want to remind them that you’ll miss them and that they should keep in touch. Examples include:

  • Not seeing you everyday will be strange but I wish you the best going forward;
  • Your absence will be foreign. Do try to stay in touch.

Family Relations

Add that extra pride in your notes when it’s for family. Also, keep the notes positive. Examples include:

  • I’ve never been prouder, Mom. You had an amazing career.

Do not forget to add warm-hearted closings to your notes. Suitable closings include:

  • Sincere congratulations;
  • Cheers.


Retirement is a major landmark in a person’s life. When you send a retiree wishes, consider the circumstance behind it. Is it an early retirement or by choice? The discussed ideas for retirement wishes cards will then make your cards feel alive.

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