Average Retirement Age – How Does Pension Works For You

average retirement age

Pension is something that everybody dreams about and work hard to get and use once they retire. But what happens, what the procedure is, and how you can use the pension to the fullest is confusing for many. The first thing you need to is to turn your pension into a source of income. There are many pension plans available for this process, and all of that depends on the kind of pension you have. How much pension have you earned/saved, and what could be your possible life span and know everything plays a vital role. Here is what you should be planning when you are in the average retirement age.

Average Retirement Age – Groundwork 

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Before deciding the plan, you have to go through several groundworks like:

1.Current Pension

There are two types of pensions, so you need to understand what kind of pension you have.

• Defined Contribution: an individual saves this from their income. It is basically like a pot full of cash saved by you. Most private sectors provide this kind of pension, and an annual statement is given stating how much pension fund you have.

• Defined benefit: the employer also provides this, but it promises to give you an amount every year after your retirement.

2. State Pension

It would help if you also considered this state pension while planning for your retirement. Mostly, calculating the state pension becomes a complicated task, but now the government has online pension calculators, making the task easy. The state pension is calculated for the number of years you have been credited for national insurance contributions.

Average Retirement Age – How Does Pension Works For You On Budget

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Plan your retirement by considering you need, and lifestyle and accordingly set a budget for your retirement which will help you choose the right plan in the pool of pension plans for you.

What Do You Do?

In April 2015, many amendments were made to the retirement rules, which may give you several options to choose from for your retirement. So, by the time you turn 55, you will broadly have these options in front of you. 

Option1: Take cash

You can take the whole amount in the form of cash. However, the total retirement fund’s quarter is given as tax-free cash, while the rest is given at the minimum tax. You are free to use this money in whichever way you like, and there would be no restrictions on that money.

Option2: Use an Annuity

An annuity is a wise option to safeguard an income for the rest of your life. The annuity providers can design their own structures or services. However, you have to choose the plan that best suits you and your situation. 

Option3: Use Income Drawdown

According to the previous rules, you could take a fixed amount of drawdown every year, but now the system is more flexible. Thus, you can have the drawdown according to your needs of the year.


Making the best choice for your retirement plan can be a complicated task. You may need a lot of assistance and guidance. The government has started so many organizations that help you plan your retirement and live a happy, comfortable, and peaceful life even after you stop earning.

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