Guide On Retirement Benefits In USA - Types And Amount Of Taxable Benefits - Guide On Retirement Benefits In USA - Types And Amount Of Taxable Benefits -

Guide On Retirement Benefits In USA – Types And Amount Of Taxable Benefits

Retirement Benefits in Usa

When an individual works and pays social security taxes, he earns credit to word social security benefits. The number of credits is directly proportional to your age. For example, if your birth year is 1929 or later, you need 40 credits that mean around ten years of work.

Types Of Retirements Benefits In USA

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Family Retirement Benefits In USA


If you are getting Total Security retirement benefits in USA. Then some members of your family will also get benefits that include:

Age of spouse 62 or older

Spouse younger than 62 but taking care of a child on record who is younger than 16 or specially-abled.

Children till age 18 or 19 if full-time students have not graduated until now from any High School.

Specially abled children even if their ages above 18.

In the cases mentioned above, you will get some benefits that are as follows.

Spouse Benefits

Spouses who have low earnings or do not work can get up to half of the retirement benefits in the USA. But if you are eligible for both your own retirement benefits and spouse benefits. In that case, you will get your benefits first. But suppose your spouse is eligible to receive a higher amount of benefits, then your retirement benefits. In that case, you will get a combination of retirement benefits equalling your spouse’s hire benefits. For example, you qualify for a retirement benefit of $250, whereas your spouse is eligible for receiving $400. At retirement, you will receive your own 250 e as a time and benefits, including 150 for your spouse.

Children Benefits

Your dependent little one will also get benefits from your earnings when you start your social security retirement benefits in USA. Your child may get up to 50% of your full benefit. But to get the benefits, your child must be single and one of the following.

Younger than 18.

18 or 19 18 years old and a full-time student who is still and graduated from high school.

Specially abled child but before 22.

Retirement Benefits in USA May Be Taxable

Around 40% of the total population who get social security benefits have to pay income tax on their benefits. For example:

If you will file a Federal Tax return as an individual and your income is between $25,000 and $34,000. Then, you may have to pay tax around 50% of your retirement benefits. However, if your combined income is more than $34,000, in that case, you need to pay up to 85% of your total social security benefits.

If you file a joint return of tax, then you may have to pay taxes only on 50% of your benefits. But only if you and your spouse have a combined income between $32,000 and $44,000. Whereas, if your income is more than $44,000, then 85% of your retirement benefits in USA are subject to Income Tax.


All in all, to avail of any kind of retirement benefits in USA, you need to qualify certain conditions. Moreover, the entire retirement benefits in USA are not non-taxable.

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