How To Write A Happy Retirement Card

Here, we’ve got a wide selection of retirement wishes and messages. It may help you write the perfect retirement message for a greeting card to your colleagues, boss, friend, or a family. Also, some writing tips are given to aid you to build a more modified retirement message.

Short And Sweet Retirement Wishes

Concise and thoughtful retirement wishes for your co-workers.

  • Congratulations on your retirement day! We wish you live happily for the years ahead.
  • Wish that you live a happy life in your retirement. We hope that you have plenty of time to relax, have fun, and spend time with family.
  • Well done on getting your retirement! Enjoy your very much deserved time off.
  • We congratulate you on retiring. You’ve worked hard and had a bright career; now it’s time for you to have fun relaxing!
  • You did it! Congratulations on retiring, we’ll very much miss you around the office.

Funny Ones

Funny retirement wishes for your co-workers, friends, or boss.

  • Congrats on reaching your retirement day! Now you’ll have all the time for sleeping, reading, golfing, and fishing. However, feel free to give a call if you ever want to work in my place.
  • Throw out tension and welcome pension! We all congratulate you to one well-deserved time off.
  • We all know you are going to miss those busy Monday mornings, working for late shifts, horrible coffee, and a demanding boss! A hearty congrats on retiring from your jealous colleagues!
  • Retirement has finally reached you. Don’t enjoy yourself too much, just kidding, but don’t get caught! Congratulations, and enjoy your much-deserved freedom!
  • You’re not indeed retired –

Is a full-time job! We wish you all the luck on this new page of your life.

Happy Ones

Happy retirement wishes for your boss.

  • Congrats on making it till retirement! You’ve set an excellent example for us in the office, and we will miss your positive attitude, guidance, and dedication. Now it’s time to spend some ‘me’ time! Wishing you a healthy and happy retirement, and hope that you enjoy your time with your family!
  • Congratulations on retiring and thank you for all you have done over the years to push this firm forwards. We very much value your devotion and hard work and the goal you have set for all of us. More so, we wish you a fortune in your retirement days.
  • It’s been an absolute blast working with you over the past [number] years, you’ve been an excellent boss and also a great mentor too. Enjoy your retirement and some much deserved time off. Do try to keep in contact!
  • Thank you for what you’ve put in the firm over the past [number] years. We’ll miss your direction and care in the office. Now it’s time to fulfill your dreams. We hope you have a happy retirement. Do keep your health in check!
  • We congratulate on your retirement! You’ve done so much in this firm, and we are sincerely glad for your effort and loyalty. We wish you have the best time during your retirement.
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