List Of The Cheapest Countries To Retire In Around The World

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People nearing retirement deserve to live better and affordable lifestyles. Thus, some nations attract retirees by offering free incentive programs. To assist you in figuring out where you should consider retiring, below is a list of best countries where you can retire cheaply and peacefully across the globe.


Serbia is a country sandwiched between Central and Southeast Europe, and it is famous for having a diverse ethnicity and diverse cultural identity. The cost of living in Serbia is lowly priced with an average rent of $312 monthly. The process of acquiring citizenship might be complicated; however, the country is distinctively attractive, and it’s worth living in as it has mountains for skating and hiking.

List Of The Cheapest Countries To Retire In Around The World
List Of The Cheapest Countries To Retire In Around The World

Vietnam: Retire

Vietnam is a country stationed in Southeastern Asia positioned on the east part of the Indochina Peninsula. The country is historically known as the place of contentious conflict, which has impacted the culture of the nation. Visa cards application is transparent and has a durability of five years and can always be renewed. Furthermore, it has a serene beauty of fascinating wildlife, forests and mountains.

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Mexican country is stationed directly south of the US. It serves as one of the best countries to retire in because of its enjoyable historical events and great climate as it is warm throughout the year. The cost of living is cheap, as it requires one approximately $2,000 monthly income or $80,000 in your bank account to apply for citizenship in Mexico.


The Philippines is a country stationed on the equator and in the middle of Pacific Ring of Fire. It is famous for its calm atmosphere, beautiful surroundings and accomodative residents. Hence, the country has attractive natural resources, and it requires you to make around $800 per month or $10,00 in your bank account to live comfortably here.


Indonesia is a Southeast Asian nation, and it is famous for its volcanic islands and luxuriant tropical sites, immense biodiversity, captivating and accommodative culture. Therefore, it’s the world’s largest island nation with approximately 17,000 islands.

It requires you to make $1,500 per month to have a peaceful stay, while also Visa application here is effortless.

Colombia: Retire

Colombia is located in the northwestern corner of South America. It borders the Caribbean sea to the North and Pacific ocean to the West. Moreover, it is one of the prominent residential countries to most retirees with a low cost of living. Cuisine and coffee from the region are also unforgettable for most people. On the other hand, retirement visas are available, and you are only required to earn $765 monthly from a pension.

List Of The Cheapest Countries To Retire In Around The World
List Of The Cheapest Countries To Retire In Around The World


The rent in Pakistan is low, the climate is warm, and most of its natives are English speakers known as British Pakistani. This implies that Americans will not be the only people speaking English in the country. However, there is difficulty in acquiring a long-term visa as it is only granted under exceptional situations. 


Malaysia is a highland nation located in Southeast Asia. It’s boarded by Indonesia to the South and encompassed by attractive beaches and traditional architecture in Asia. It has a low cost of living. Malaysia grants long-term visas specifically for people with Malaysian families, but it is only offered under exceptional circumstances. Therefore, this should be one of the countries in your bucket-list in case you get approved for a visa to retire here.


Moreover, India is a home for numerous people, ranging from the coastal areas near the Indian Ocean to the northern regions bordering Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar. The Indian culture is primordial and glamorous, ranging from primordial temples to modern skyscrapers. It is challenging to get permanent occupancy in India; nevertheless, tourist visas secures up to 10 years in the country, which is enough time to stretch during retirement.

List Of The Cheapest Countries To Retire In Around The World
]=List Of The Cheapest Countries To Retire In Around The World

Sri Lanka: Retire

Sri Lanka is located to the South of India. It offers a two years visa which can be renewed. Furthermore, staying here requires a minimum of $15,000 in the bank account and $1,500 income per month. Sri Lanka has phenomenal beaches, abundant forests, low cost of living and a conducive atmosphere to coat the environment.

But because “cheap” is a relative term, you need to evaluate your financial plan and identify a country where you can get the right balance between the cost of living and standard of living. So that you can be happy and comfortable after your retirement.

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