Senior Citizens Discount And Benefits & Other Facts

What Does Geriatric Care Mean?

The Expanded Senior Citizens Act 2010 defines the privileges that senior citizen can enjoy. Filipinos above the age of 60 can enjoy senior citizen discount of 20% and get an exemption from VAT on specific services and goods. The privileges apply to credit and cash payments. Know about the benefits available for senior citizen. 

Senior Citizens Discount And Benefits & Other Facts
Senior Citizens Discount And Benefits & Other Facts

The mandate of PhilHealth Benefits On Senior Citizen:

Along with exemption from VAT and discounts to senior citizens, the government also provides PhilHealth benefits. In private hospitals, the medical bill goes through deductions in the form of VAT exemption and a 20% discount along with PhilHealth benefits. However, in public hospitals, senior citizens can undergo treatment for free. Senior citizen doesn’t need Member Data Record for making use of this benefit, but they can make use of government ID or senior citizenship ID. However, registering as a member of senior citizen PhilHealth is the right way to receive benefits. 

Senior Citizens Law Is Applicable Everywhere in the Philippines:

The awareness of the Senior Citizen Act is not very well known in places other than Metro Manila. It can make the businesses deny giving the discounts that senior citizens have their rights on. If you find any such behavior against the senior citizen discount, then you should ensure to talk to vendors and let the elders get the benefits. 

Any Valid ID To Avail Senior Citizen Discount:

Seniors should use senior citizen ID for availing the benefits they get through the Senior Citizenship Act. Elderly customers can make use of any valid ID if they do not have an ID issued by OSCA. Postal id, Voter’s id, GSIS id, Voter’s id, driver’s license, passport, etc. are some of the valid ids that senior citizen can use. Therefore, businesses should accept any of these ids to provide discounts and benefits to senior citizens. 

Claiming 20% Discount By Authorized Representative:

Moreover, if the elderly grandparents or parents are frail to go outside or are bedridden, then an authorized person can make use of these discounts and benefits on their behalf. An authorized representative of the senior citizen needs

  • government ID of representative,
  • OSCA purchase booklet,
  • government ID,
  • senior citizen ID,

and also signed authorization letter from the senior citizen for availing the benefits on their behalf.

No Double Discounts: 

In short, senior citizens can avail a discount of 20% in any establishments, restaurants, or hotels. If the senior citizen is availing any discounts through the promo, then they cannot use the discounts through the senior citizen’s act. Either of the two discounts can only be availed based on whichever is high. Therefore, the similar rules apply to senior citizen with a disability; they either can use PWD discount or senior citizen discount but cannot use both. 

Senior Citizens Can Avail 5% Utility Discounts:

Thus, the senior citizens can get 5% discounts on water and power bills. But, the accounts of the utilities need to be in the name of the senior citizen. 

Senior Citizens Can Avail 5% Discount On Groceries:

Therefore, senior citizen do not get 20 % discounts on the groceries, but only 5% is available as a discount without exempting VAT on chosen grocery items. Thus, the commodities on which they get discounts include geriatric diapers, detergents, batteries, light bulbs, fresh milk, canned sardines, noodles, garlic, onions, veggies, fruits, sugar, creamer, coffee, pork, beef, chicken, corn, bread, and rice. 

Senior Citizens Discount And Benefits & Other Facts
Senior Citizens Discount And Benefits & Other Facts

Discounts On Travel And Parking:

Moreover, senior citizens get mandatory 20% discounts on rides, flights and also get discounts and even free parking in certain cities. 

Special Queues:

Therefore, Drug stores, supermarkets, fast food restaurants, MRT and LRT stations, and banks have special queues for senior citizens.