The Best Medical Alert Systems With No Monthly Fee

The Best Medical Alert Systems with No Monthly Fee

A medical alert system or a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) is an integral part of life for anyone, but especially older people. “Older people” refer to people who are over the age of 60 or so. Medical alert systems are helpful for elderly persons who live alone. However, they are also beneficial for you if you have older people living with you, and they are left alone at home.

The Concept Of A Medical Alert System:

A medical alert system is a portable device that can be used to alert one’s care provider in case of any emergency. For example, if an elderly lady is alone at home and falls, she may break her hip or other bone and not know what to do. Here is where the medical alert system comes in. With the click of a single button, the lady can get in touch with her caretaker. Additionally, medical alert systems may also put the person in touch with other entities such as the emergency room (911) or to a service operator specialized in receiving such calls. Essentially, medical alert systems may save a life as it ends with having medical help sent to your house.

While medical alert systems are an efficient tool to have for when you are not around, and your parent or grandparent has to be left alone, they do have an alternate, related use. Some medical alert systems may also sound an alarm within one’s own house. This is in the case of when you are in the same house but different rooms. Often, it is a cumbersome and challenging task for older people to scream to call for help. A medical alert system does the job for them by ringing up contact within the house or merely sounding an alarm through the house, informing the others that the person needs help.

The Best Medical Alert Systems with No Monthly Fee
The Best Medical Alert Systems With No Monthly Fee

Choosing A Medical Alert System for Your House:

When looking at medical alert systems for oneself, one must take into account a few things. Some medical alert systems have payments monthly, and some have a one-time fee and do not require further charges. Some medical alert systems have wireless signals, whereas some need to be connected or plugged in for it to work. Some systems have a broad signal range, whereas some have a smaller range. It all depends on the preferences of the user – for someone who goes for walks in a park, wireless medical alert systems are a better fit; if you live in a small house, a small signal range is a good fit and vice versa.

The Best Medical Alert Systems That Do Not Charge A Monthly Fee:

Here is a list of six of the best medical alert systems that only charge un up-front cost and no additional monthly fees. The following medical alert systems have the same range, i.e., 500 feet, hence the choice to be made while buying is that of the price, appearance, and the types of ringtones and levels of volume in the systems.

1. CallToU Wireless Caregiver Pager Smart Call System:

It has 55 ringtones and 5 volume levels ranging from 0 to 100 decibels. It costs $50.

2. Mace Brand Alert 911:

The Mace Brand Alert 911 medical alert system is only to report a medical emergency to 911 with the press of a single button. It is perfect for those people living without anybody around them to help, for example, in a different city from the rest of their families, etc. It costs $86.

3. PushPoint Eco2 Expandable Wireless Doorbell:

This medical alert system has 32 ringtones. There are also four different levels of volume for the tones from 50 to 80 decibels. It costs $10.

4. SadoTech Portable Vibrating Flashing Doorbell:

This medical alert system is suitable for those with hearing disabilities as it vibrates and has LED lights. It costs $35.

The Best Medical Alert Systems with No Monthly Fee
The Best Medical Alert Systems With No Monthly Fee

5. Secure SWCB-1 Wireless Remote Nurse Alert System:

There are 32 different ringtones, it is waterproof, and there are several ways to use it. It can be attached to a wall or table, used as a bracelet, or hung around the neck. It costs $15.

6. Wireless Caregiver Pager Alert System SOS Call Button:

This is the only medical alert system in this list, which has a higher range, i.e., it has a range of 800 feet. The adjustable volume range is 110 decibels, and it costs $26