What Is The Most Important Problem That Senior Citizens Face Today?

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The biggest problem that Senior Citizens face today comes with retirement. Old age comes with its fair share of issues anyway. The biggest among them is easily the huge readjustments. Post-retirement people need several adjustments. The financial standing changes after retirement, which can build a lot of psychological pressure. This pressure can translate into physiological and health problems. There is also a sense of purpose that gets lost when people retire. The change of routine, lack of somewhere to be can often create a massive void in life. In this piece, we will look at some of the broad issues that senior citizens face. Also, we will try to find some solutions for the same.

What is the Most Important Problem that Senior Citizens Face today?
What is the Most Important Problem that Senior Citizens Face today?

The problem that Senior Citizens Face today

The main problem that comes with old age, as discussed already, is retirement. Mainly these problems can be grouped into three categories. Let us look at them-

Physical Health-

Deteriorating physical health quality is a function of old age. As we grow older, our body wears out. There are cerebral, respiratory, and other problems that occur with old age. Also, retiring from work means an added inactivity. That can lead to other health problems like an increase in skeletal problems. 

Mental Health

Mental illness is widespread among senior citizens. It is related to a person’s physical health. Therefore, old age can lead to memory dysfunctions, cerebral diseases like Dementia, Alzheimer’s. Coupled with immobility, vision impairment, and other issues, they are recipes for poor mental health quality. Also, it can lead to feelings of isolation, inability to connect to others. The uncertainty, fear, and lack of purposefulness can lead to severe depression and anxiety issues.

Financial Health

Good financial health is desirable for everyone and the motivation for everyone. However, senior citizen status alters most people’s financial health, more often for the worse. If you have an excellent financial standing, you can ably take care of all your medical expenses. Moreover, good financial standing ensures that your quality of life remains somewhat preserved, even post-retirement. But if that is not the case, it can add to the mental pressure and cause even more problems.

What is the Most Important Problem that Senior Citizens Face today?
What is the Most Important Problem that Senior Citizens Face today?

Plan To Avoid The Problems

Retirement planning is crucial if one wants to avoid the problems that come with old age. There is not much one can do to stop the process of aging or the health issues associated with them. However, one can take proactive measures to ensure they remain in a state to take care of the problems when they occur.

  • One must maintain a good healthy lifestyle throughout, thereby avoiding the worst effects of aging
  • Always be watchful of your health, even when you are young and do not neglect problems
  • Find ways to be active even in retirement, try to be useful
  • An overall lifestyle adjustment is crucial to accommodate the reduced income
  • Community and human relationships can make you feel better in your old age
  • Policies like Medicare, if taken, can help take care of medical bills and expenses.